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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zone Out for Creativity

Wow, isn't this a powerful Fall?  Yes, most years our schedules get really packed in the fall; back to school, work accelerates, no more luxurious days of summer.  But this year everyone seems to be juggling more than usual. Just when we thought we were at capacity - one more thing is put on our plates.  Mostly, this is great. We are expanding ourselves and our capacities.  We are giving more back to the world and oftentimes, creating something that didn't exist before.  We are in a time of creative possibility.  Go us! 

In this time of giving to others, remember to "put your mask on first" as the airplane safety talks remind us.  To give so much, to expand and create, our minds and our nervous systems need a pause. We need that time to allow the mind to wander aimlessly or "zone out". This down time is actually quite productive - its a fertile time for new ideas to come in, for solutions we hadn't seen to emerge and for integration of everything that is happening.  Not only is this good for our minds, but for our nervous systems, too.  The intense pace of our current lives keeps our sympathetic nervous system (commonly referred to as the fight or flight system) active and on alert.  Can you put your cell phone down for an hour?  Its hard, isn't it.  Our para-sympathetic nervous system (relaxation system) could use some air time, too, allowing the body to rest and recover.  Ideally, we attune through both of these systems during the course of a day - in and out of intense focus - to exercise the balancing mechanisms of our nervous system. 

Here's something to help.  After a period of time at the computer, or of intense focus on a task, take a few minutes and look out at nature or further out into the the horizon.  If nature or a horizon isn't visually available, conjure up an image in your mind of these things. Then go back to your work.  Do this several times a day and see how your capacity expands.  You can do more calmly and with energy.  Enjoy this expansive time!  We're excited to see what you create!